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 Jamie Barker - December 12, 2017

If you ever want to get out shot and beat at evey competition with a gun, train with this guy. Best shooter I have ever trainid with ever.

Matt Eyeslee - August 30, 2017

Dan is an incredible Tactitician. I've known him for years and he is a warriors warrior. He has trained the best SOF can send him. I have every confidence he'll do the same for anyone willing to learn. 

Andrew Ha - October 13, 2017

Dan is an incredible with a vast amount of experience. I only got to spend two hours with him at the RECOIL's Summit in the Sand and I learned a greatt deal and was able to successfully apply what he tought in a short amount of time. I look forward to taking more courses. 

Corey Popejoy- August 4, 2017

Dan's ability to teach anyone from a begenning shooter to a 15 year sof vet is second to none. He teaches with clarity, patience and real worl knowledge.