Basic to Intermediate course focusing on the fundamentals of Special Operations Instructor CQB Tactics and principals, Speed, Surprise and Violence of Action. Course focuses on building blocks of Instructor CQB specifically the actions of a 4-5-man Assault cell and how they clear multiple rooms as well as the administrative knowledge on safely executing Instructor CQB training. Course focuses on the duties and responsibilities of the assault cell, duties and responsibilities of the 1,2,3, and 4 men, actions upon entry for the 1 man, room clearing techniques for multiple rooms, opposing threats, breaching techniques if applicable, hallway procedures, intersection procedures, foyer procedures, stairwell procedures, priority of work inside a room, contingencies in a Instructor CQB environment, shooting and moving and how it applies to Instructor CQB.

Ammunition Count 900 rounds of Carbine, 200 rounds Pistol