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    Designed by the creator of the Original Brokos Belt and manufactured by Armageddon Gear. The new Version offers the same features but twice as light and half as slim. It comes with hook lining which grabs with the included inner belt. It also comes with a tweave pad that can attach to the hook lining when not running a inner belt, in certain environments. CLICK HERE to Purchase through Armageddon Gear.  
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    LFT Dump Pouch

    LFT Dump Pouch is made of mesh which allows debris to sift through the pouch. Its extra large opening makes it easy to drop magazines during reloads and there is more than enough room for SSE gear if needed. Pouch is manufactured by Armageddon Gear and made in the USA. CLICK HERE to Purchase through Armageddon Gear.
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    LFT Sling

    LFT Lightweight Carbine sling design allows for easy transitions from strong to support side as well as a variety of shooting positions. Its 2 point design and light weight material make it ideal for hands free configuration when needed. LFT sling is made of Hypalon, Nylon and Tweave and manufactured by Armageddon Gear right here in the USA. The material is so light and pliable I can almost fit the damn thing in a can of Copenhagen.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties during your purchase, please contact us directly at info@leadfaucettactical.com or call us at 1-919-931-0414.

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