Urban Gunfighter Course is an Intermediate Pistol and Carbine Class focusing on the ever-changing contingencies of a gunfight. The course also focuses on tactical pistol and rifle drills in daylight conditions. Urban Gunfighter involves stationary and non-stationary as well as shooting in and around positions of cover and vehicles.


  • Dalton, NH (Ridgeline Defense)

Performance Objectives:

  • Shooters will be able to verbally reiterate specific knowledge pertaining to the class when asked. The shooter will be able to successfully demonstrate skills/positions, using strong and support side on pistols and rifles. The shooter will demonstrate his ability to successfully employ his pistol and rifle during various timed events.

Method of Instruction:

  • LFT uses the crawl, walk, run methodology with all weapon techniques and tactics, fundamentals and drills covered will be thoroughly explained and demonstrated prior to shooter application. Pro-timer and Shooter relay races will be used to provide the competition spirit and self induced stress replication.

Fundamentals Covered besides the Basic 8:

  • Tactical application of cover with both weapons systems, tactical application of vehicles, and various shooting positions involved, strong and support side shooting, kit setup to support ambidextrous shooting, support side
    fundamentals, ballistics for carbine when canted 90 degrees, reloads strong and support side, contingencies of 1 arm or hand shooting.

Equipment Needed:

  • Carbine with sling and optic of choice, iron sights are suitable as well. BUIS, Light or Laser if applicable. 4 Magazines and 800 rounds.
  • Pistol of choice, iron sights or red dot, 4 magazines, 600 rounds.

Additional Equipment:

  • Eye and Ear Pro, gloves, battle belt with holster, body armor if applicable, inclement weather clothing, flashlight and laser if it is a night course, pen and paper and a GREAT ATTITUDE!