CQB – Wamego, KS (May 9-10, 2019)

CQB – Wamego, KS (May 9-10, 2019)





Lead Faucet Tactical Close Quarters Battle Course is an Basic to Intermediate course focusing on the fundamentals of CQB, Speed, Surprise and Violence of Action. Course focuses on building blocks of CQB specifically the actions of a 4-5-man Assault cell and how they clear multiple rooms as well as the administrative knowledge on safely executing CQB training.

Performance Objectives:

Shooters will be able to reiterate verbally specific knowledge pertaining to the class when asked. The shooter will be able to successfully demonstrate the duties and responsibilities of an Assault cell as well as the individual duties for the 1,2,3, and 4 men.

Fundamentals Covered during CQB Course: Duties and responsibilities of the assault cell, duties and responsibilities of the 1,2,3, and 4 men, actions upon entry for the 1 man, room clearing techniques for multiple rooms, opposing threats, breaching techniques if applicable, hallway procedures, intersection procedures, foyer procedures, stairwell procedures, priority of work inside a room, contingencies in a CQB environment, shooting and moving and how it applies to CQB.

Equipment Needed:


Carbine with sling and Optic of choice, Iron sights are suitable as well. BUIS, Light or laser if applicable. 4 magazines, and 600 rounds Live ball, SERTA, FRANG, SIMMS or UTM


Pistol of choice, iron sight or red dot, 4 magazines, 300 rounds Live ball, SERTA, FRANG, SIMMS or UTM

Additional Equipment:

Eye and Ear Pro, gloves, battle belt with holster, body armor if applicable, inclement weather clothing, flashlight and laser if it is a night course, pen and paper and a GREAT ATTITUDE!


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