LPOV Instructor Rifle Course – Searsboro, IA (June 14-16, 2019)

LPOV Instructor Rifle Course – Searsboro, IA (June 14-16, 2019)




An Intermediate carbine class focusing on the ever changing contingencies of a gunfight. The course focuses on tactical  rifle drills in daylight conditions. It includes stationary and non-stationary positions as well as shooting in and around positions of cover.

Shooters will be able to reiterate verbally specific knowledge pertaining to the class when asked. The shooter will be able to successfully demonstrate skills/positions, using strong and support side Rifle positions. The shooter will demonstrate his ability to successfully employ his rifle during various timed events

Equipment Needed:

Carbine with sling and optic of choice. iron sights are suitable as well. BUIS, Light or Laser if applicable. 4 Magazines and 1200 rounds.


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