Brian Thomas – February 25, 2018

I took their 3 day pistol/carbine class and brokos knows his stuff. Amazing instructor that can easily break things down so you can grasp them, brokos knows his stuff no doubt about that. Highly recomend him to anyone no matter your skill level.

Jayson Kane – February 19, 2018

As a tac guy for about 12 years, I thought I’d seen a thing or two on gun instruction. In one day, Dan changed the way I think about my stance and trigger pull. The drills I learned on his range significantly helped my shooting fundamentals and continue to help everytime I put them to use. Great dude! Great instruction!

Alex Babcock – January 30, 2018

Dan is an amazing instructor. I plan to attend more classes this spring.

Jamie Barker – December 12, 2017

If you ever want to get out shot and beat at evey competition with a gun, train with this guy. Best shooter I have ever trainid with ever.

Matt Eyeslee – August 30, 2017

Dan is an incredible Tactitician. I’ve known him for years and he is a warriors warrior. He has trained the best SOF can send him. I have every confidence he’ll do the same for anyone willing to learn.

Andrew Ha – October 13, 2017

Dan is an incredible with a vast amount of experience. I only got to spend two hours with him at the RECOIL’s Summit in the Sand and I learned a greatt deal and was able to successfully apply what he tought in a short amount of time. I look forward to taking more courses.

Corey Popejoy- August 4, 2017

Dan’s ability to teach anyone from a begenning shooter to a 15 year sof vet is second to none. He teaches with clarity, patience and real worl knowledge.

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