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Dan Brokos of Lead Faucet Tactical – On ARs & Optics

We recently sat down with Dan Brokos of Lead Faucet Tactical to discuss his very qualified and unique view of the AR-15. Brokos is one of the most knowledgeable and respected trainers in the firearms industry, and has an extensive history with the platform in the field and on the range.

Not Your Average Dry-Fire Session

So there I was, 40 years young, though I won’t tell you how long ago that was (I still feel 28). My doctor said, “Dan, lay down. I’m going to place this sensor on your ear. I want you to lay down and fall asleep.” I laid down, felt relaxed, and after about 10 minutes he told me to sit up. “What do you think your heart rate was, Dan?” my doctor asked. I replied, “I don’t know, doc, maybe 60? I was really relaxed.” Hell no! He laughed and said it was 108 at rest.

Shadow Systems – Gen3 G17 LFT Hybrid Grip Slide

The LFT Hybrid Grip Slide was designed with Lead Faucet Tactical’s Dan Brokos. Brokos is a retired Army Special Forces Sergeant Major. Before founding Lead Faucet Tactical, Brokos served as the NCOIC of Ft Bragg’s Range 37, Home of the Army SF CQB and Sniper school.

On Sale Now

RECOIL Zeroed in: Dan Brokos

At 6-foot-3 and 270 pounds, Brokos is a soldier’s soldier, and given that he wrote the Special Forces manual on unarmed combat after attending schools from every major discipline, you’d be correct in assuming that combat is second nature. But now that his beard has more gray than black, it would be a huge mistake to think he’s ready for a quiet life of gardening and shuffleboard. According to a long-standing Army SF contact, three SEALs recently found out the hard way to their eternal chagrin that Brokos should not be referred to as “grandpa.” Ever.

Soldier Systems Whiskey 5: Lead Faucet Tactical

Lead Faucet Tactical (LFT) offers relevant and realistic gunfighting in a variety of courses focusing around fighting with your carbine and pistol day and night. They offer several shooting and CQB courses for LE, Military and Civilians to increase shooting performance or as Brokos puts it “Take the thinking out of fighting”.

LFT has teamed up with Troy Industries and Moser Machine Works for weapon accessories. LFT will be offering several Carbine and Pistol accessories developed over years of experience. Brokos says there was several times he was handed the wrong piece of kit for the job, and wants to make sure guys have good relevant accessories.

RECOIL – Own the Night

When the sun goes down and the stars come out, the U.S. military and her allies gain an advantage with their capability to operate and fight at night. Darkness allows us to exploit our enemies’ weaknesses using IR lasers in several different operational roles.

Used in conjunction with NVDs, their main role is to locate our enemies at night, observe, mark, and navigate.

IR lasers are offensive accessories to our weapons, whether we’re assaulting a building or moving up a mountaintop; they allow nighttime target acquisition and rapid engagement without giving away our position to the unequipped enemy.


The MAWL -C1+ is very user friendly to dial in, allowing the user to make their own zero target-type zero, based on vertical and horizontal offset from the bore. So long as you don’t run anything crazy like a G36, the manual clearly spells out the procedure and measurements in easy to understand steps. Even Marines can get it lined up, assuming they can stop eating crayons long enough.

Once you zero the visible green laser, the infrared lasers are also automatically zeroed, allowing you to get your shoot on prior to complete darkness. There are co-aligned emitters for both the IR pointer and illuminator, so you can be sure the brightest area of the spotlight lines up with the laser, regardless of distance.

RECOIL – You don’t have a Weak Side

I still hear the word “weak side” on the range, in reference to the non-dominant half of our bodies. Let’s dispense with that. We don’t have a weak side; we have a support side, period! While we don’t have to be fully ambidextrous shooters, anyone serious about weapon skills should be pretty damn close to it. For the jobs out there that rely on combat marksmanship skills, your ability to understand how the support side of your body reacts to the fundamentals, your training regimen, and your equipment are essential tools for survivability and lethality.​​​​

RECOIL – Evolution of the Combat Optic

Over the course of 26-plus years of service, I’ve witnessed a lot of changes to the main sighting system of the issued long-gun. The rifle has been the primary weapon for the military since the Pennsylvania Rifle (some say Kentucky, but I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and loyalty counts). The rifle then, and still today, is the modern sword and shield. It’s the inseparable tool of the soldier on the battlefield, becoming almost ubiquitous in the armory of modern-day law enforcement (LE) and a self-defense implement for the law-abiding citizen.​

Soldier System discussing the 3 new LFT products made by Armageddon Gear

Lead Faucet Tactical Founder Dan Brokos has teamed up with Armageddon Gear to release three new nylon products.

As with all things by Armageddon Gear, the LFT items are Made in the USA!

Lead Faucet Tactical Accelerated Rifle & Pistol Course: Everything is a Rehearsal for Something

LFT offers relevant and realistic gunfight training with carbine and pistol by day and night. One of the biggest challenges to finding good training is sorting out the real companies from the Operator wannabes. Dan Brokos is the boss at LFT and he is the real deal. There are Green Berets who specialize in shooting and teaching shooting. No, not those guys, you have never heard about these guys and I am not going to tell you. Dan Brokos is one of the quiet professionals. He also ran the Special Forces school that trains those guys. He knows his craft.

GET THE LEAD OUT: Lead Faucet Tactical Pistol Course

“If at the end of the next three days of pistol training, you’ve learned one or two good take-always, I will have done my job.”

Dan Brokos began his Training Day 1 brief with this humble statement.

He didn’t promise any magic and honestly shared with us the evolution of fighting with a firearm based on lessons learned since September 11, 2001.

The Shadow Systems SS9F Custom Glock

If you were to gather together a group of gunwriters (which I will tell you is about as easy as herding the proverbial cats, unless free alcohol is offered) and ask them to name all of the companies which make 1911s, they could name most if not all of those manufacturers. If you asked them to name all the companies which made AR-15s, none could name them all, because there are so many.



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